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Atrium School is a K-12, non-campus based, private school (sometimes called an “umbrella” or “600” school) serving homeschooling families in Florida.

Offers Diploma
Course Levels
Applicable for students with learning differences
General/Core Knowledge
College Prep
Aligned to Common Core


  1. says:

    Do not have your kid or kids sign up with the Atrium homeschool. It is the absolute worst. I have just had the worst experience. Basically your paying for nothing you have to choose the curriculum they do none of that you just send in an attendance report to them every month and the way the report is you can never fill it out right. The Director is not helpful at all. I signed all paperwork when my child enrolled including a paper for his previous school to send records to them and then all of a sudden 3 months later the Director emails me saying I bed to send in transcripts from his previous school the following day. I was under the impression they had had them from the beginning from when I signed him up. They seem like they have it together but they don't not at all. There are plenty of other wonderful Homeschools to pick from ones that provide Teaching online and know what they are doing. And when the Director asked me for his records she was very rude. Please take my advice and do not sign you child/children up with this homeschool it will jut be a headache and problems. There are plenty of other really great ones that know what they are doing.

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