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Florida Institute of Technology is a private nonprofit doctoral/research university in Melbourne, Florida.  Fun Fact, Florida Tech was originally started out as a training grounds for professionals working at the Kennedy Space Center. About half of the student body enrolls in the school’s College of Engineering program.  Every application for admission to Florida Tech is more than “just an application.” It is a packet of information that altogether illustrates your potential to succeed as a Florida Tech student. One of the primary tenets of Florida Tech’s mission is advancing science and technology. The hub for all cutting-edge research activity at Florida Tech, the Office of Research provides strategic guidance, administrative support and infrastructure to help faculty members identify and secure funded research opportunities.

  • Requirement 1-Submit transcript of academic work including an assessment of the level attained in mathematics and the sciences and the texts that were used as self-descriptive
  • Requirement 2-Submit ACT or SAT scores
  • Requirement 3-Submit one page essay that address academic, community and athletic accomplishments, career goals and work experience
  • Requirement 4-Two letters of recommendations


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