Online G3 for Gifted Homeschoolers

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Interactive online classes with live weekly webinars for grades 6-12. Literature, grammar, writing, history, science, foreign language, and more!

Curriculum Name
Online G3
Curriculum Pricing Type
Tuition by Semester
Curriculum Type
Curriculum Worldview
Curriculum Level
General/Core Knowledge
College Prep
Advanced Placement/College-Level
Credit Equivalent
No credit
1/2 credit
1 credit
more than 1 credit


  1. says:

    Online G3 has the BEST online classes that my kids have experienced. I've been homeschooling since 2001 and my family has tried a lot of different learning platforms. What makes G3 unique? One thing I appreciate is the interactivity of the online classroom. The kids also have the chance to socialize informally outside the classroom through moderated private boards. The instructors are all deeply committed to bringing out the best in their students and every lesson requires active conversation and not just passive listening. I can't say enough good things about G3!

  2. says:

    I don't know what we would do without Online G3! The classes, which are continually growing and expanding in scope and sequence, are compelling, fun, and interesting. The community is engaging, as well, which is vital for my daughter. I can't recommend these classes enough!

  3. says:

    My daughter has been taking G3 classes for years. They are her very favorite homeschooling classes. Their teen classes are perfect for gifted young people, challenging, fun, interactive, and made specifically with the gifted student in mind.

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