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Time4Writing offers free writing resources, and 8 week writing courses for 2nd-12th Grade, taught online by certified teachers. Courses offer one-on-one instruction and personalized feedback in a student-paced environment. From the basics of grammar to college prep level courses, Time4Writing is designed to help students master the art of writing at all levels. Courses are $119 each, and start daily.

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  1. says:

    We used this for both of my boys during their high school years!

    Oldest did great at it, he is a great writer and flew through the course with ease.
    I felt he took a lot from the class that he can use for his future, whatever that may be.

    Youngest HATES writing. It is a struggle for him. We did this at a middle school level years ago and it was a fight daily with him. We hit it up again at the high school level and he did much better. Still a struggle but that is on HIM, not the course. He still struggles with writing but he did learn a lot from it and has become a much better writer when I can get him to write.

    It was a easy to follow course, instructions were clear and the teachers were extremely helpful in answering questions or issues.

    We would definitely use this again, even AFTER high school as a refresher course if he has trouble with college papers!

  2. says:

    After trying a semester of an online school writing course which didn't work for my son, I was desperate to fill the 2nd semester with some kind of writing course. We live overseas, so I needed to find something that didn't require shipping books. T4W filled that need for us and my son really enjoyed it. We took 2-8wk courses in the middle school range. The website is easy to navigate. The assignments are well laid out. There is both a regular schedule and an accelerated schedule if you have a motivated student or a tight time-frame to get the work done. We got immediate feedback, helpful comments for improving his work and grading within the 24hrs (aside from weekends) from the teachers and my son took the corrections and I saw improvement in his writing. He even felt like his writing improved. I agree with the other commentors - it's not only for homeschoolers but any student who needs help with writing. My son has asked to continue taking T4W as a freshman in high school this Fall and we are happy to do so. It's a great fit for us.

  3. says:

    My daughter is in the 10th grade right now, and we chose to use Time4Writing to help her get the mechanics of doing research papers down. We haven't even finished the course yet, but she is loving it! She has done well, and has enjoyed the feedback and encouragement that has been given by her teacher.

    I love that she is getting a high quality learning experience from someone who is "mom." Though she loves homeschooling, I think it's a great opportunity for her to get some outside input especially on preparing her writing skills for college.

    The course was easy to navigate and straight forward with easy to understand instructions. The parent gets copied on all the teacher emails, and can easily monitor the student's progress. We definitely would use this again!

  4. says:

    My oldest son is in 9th grade now, and while I can't review one of the T4W high school courses just yet, I can say that he enjoyed the middle school course he took so much, that he actually ASKED to take the next high school course! Yeah, that's a big deal here. ;)

    I loved that it was easy for me monitor his progress and print the records. He loved that he got honest, non-from-my-parents feedback about his work. I was worried about him being accountable to someone other than his father or myself, but it was a very good thing for him. The teacher responded to any questions he had in a timely manner, and he felt that for the most part, his instructions and directions were always clear.

    He came away from the 8 week course feeling like he genuinely learned something. Something that I was struggling to teach him. Win-win for both of us. :) I would highly recommend T4W, not only to homeschoolers, but also to those kiddos who just need a little extra help with writing.

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