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May 2016

Top 5 Homeschool Graduation Tips


Got a graduate this year? It's the perfect time to get your plans in order for an end of May or June graduation and celebration. So many people assume that because a student is homeschooled they won't have a graduation ceremony or celebration. Nonsense! Graduation is a huge accomplishment and a ceremony and/or celebration puts the icing on the cake. Over the years at LHSHS, we've had a wide variety of homeschool graduates and have some great ideas we'd like to share.

  • Put a ring on it! We love to get our graduates a class ring/necklace. Yes, most of the time they are a class of one, but the accomplishment is just as significant. The ring is a symbol of their accomplishment that they can wear proudly. You can find some great deals on class rings/necklaces right now, and it's super fun to let your senior design their own!
  • Take a picture! We love to take the time to snap some high quality photos of our graduate. We know this isn't always necessary and some graduates may hate this idea, but it's a great time to make some lasting memories.
  • Send an invite! Those senior photos are also a great way to create a graduation announcement/invitation. We've used sites like Vistaprint and Shutterfly to make very affordable and high quality invitations on our own, and our LHSHS graduation Pinterest board has loads of ideas!
  • Participate in a ceremony! Often homeschool groups, co-ops, and umbrella schools will hold a Commencement Ceremony for their graduates. If you aren't a part of one of these groups, don't be afraid to plan your own graduation ceremony. A typical ceremony will have someone that addresses or "charges" the student to continue wisely in the next phase of life. Then, the long awaited diploma is awarded to the student with congratulations all around.
  • Celebrate! It's a perfect time to invite other people to share in the graduate's success. A party is a wonderful time for others to share how proud they are, express their love, and encourage the graduate before he/she moves on to the next stage of life.

Just in case you're still not sure what to do, here is a link to our Graduation Planner. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy your graduation celebration!


Jamie @ Let's Homeschool High School

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