Let's Homeschool High School Newsletter - What Does Homeschool Graduation Look Like?
May 2013

What Does Homeschool Graduation Look Like?


One year ago this week, my son was throwing his graduation cap in the air. And not just in any air --. in the slightly muggy, scent-laden, excitement-charged air of New York’s Central Park. That’s right. Our son’s greatest wish was to celebrate 13 years of homeschool accomplishment by traveling to the Big Apple and receiving his diploma against the backdrop of that great city skyline. It was a powerful and thrilling adventure for our whole family and one we will remember forever.

The great thing about homeschool graduation ceremonies is that they can be as unique as each homeschooler. Some students prefer to celebrate with their longtime homeschool support group. Others want to quietly celebrate in their own backyard. And still others, like us, make a trek to somewhere meaningful or adventurous as a symbol of the journeys yet to come.

If you have a homeschool graduation coming up, a new article, Pomp and Circumstance, may be just the inspiration you need for best commemorating yours and your son or daughter’s efforts and accomplishments.  But we also have other graduation-related helps for you, including:

If you have a graduating homeschool senior, we at LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com would like to sincerely congratulate you and wish him or her the very best in the future. Happy Graduation!

Kerry, LetsHSHS.com Admin

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