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  • What Do Universities Expect from Homeschoolers?

    Is your homeschooled student considering Bob Jones University for college? If so, he or she may be interested in the interview we conducted with Bob Jones.
  • Don't get caught making any of these mistakes with your homeschooled high schooler!

    Experiencing long-term burnout? Did you know that 13% of parents report that they are experiencing “burnout” on a regular basis? If you’re feeling it, it
  • February Freebies: Updated Version

    If you’re looking for freebies to use in your homeschool this month, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We’ve looked all over the web and are
  • What are You Afraid of? Filing the FAFSA

    OH. THE. HORROR. Yes, we understand your fears completely when it comes to the FAFSA (aka. The Free Application For Federal Student Aid.) It’s one of those
  • highschool curriculum

    A video series boot camp that helps college admission go smoothly!
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      Considering Homeschooling? Beginner’s Guide Yes You Can! Homeschool High School FAQ Encouragement For Parents Forums Blog Roll High School
  • Is that even possible? With the insatiable rising costs of higher education, the idea of college for many graduates is becoming a distant dream. Who wants
  • Dual Enrollment

    One of the most wonderful opportunities for many high-schooled homeschoolers is the chance to take one or more college courses while they are still in high
  • Picking a college major is a big deal– for any of us! No matter what your age, you were always asked the question, “What do you want to be?”. If
  • Hello everyone!  Tialla Rising here, ready to answer a great Ask A Homeschooler question!  This question is from Eliza. “I am currently in a new public