Various Ways to Homeschool: Blog Five – Erin Salazar

Hi everyone! It’s time to settle into your comfy chair, grab some popcorn and enjoy this interview with one of my besties, Erin Salazar. She’s going to let you in on her daily life as a homeschooler.


Thanks for doing this interview with me, Erin! To kick off, will you tell me a little about yourself?
 Well, my name is Erin and…hmm where do I start?! First off, I am a Christian. God is and always will be #1 in my life! I have many friends who I love so much and a good family. Dancing is my passion; I enjoy being able to dance all my problems away! I am a junior in high school and have been homeschooling since 2nd grade:)


Oh, dancing! For everyone reading this, heads up, Erin’s life is all about dance! Anyway, tell me about your daily schedule.
On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I go to TSTC and take college algebra. After class on Wednesday, I teach a ballet class at a daycare. The rest of the day, I do homework until I go to dance in the evening. On Tuesday and Thursday, I go to HHA and take English III and U.S. History. After the classes, I go home and work on my other subjects until I go to dance.


Of course, dance. *Laughs* Do you take any classes outside of home?
Yes, I take both TSTC and HHA.


That’s awesome. This next semester I’m thinking about taking Comp II at TSTC. We’ll see. Are most of your classes literature-based?
Two of my classes are online, but my other ones are literature-based.


Almost all of my schoolwork is literature-based! How flexible is your schedule?
Moderate. Since I take classes every day, my schedule is not completely flexible, but it is more flexible than it would be if I were in public school.


Absolutely. Public school is kind of “uniform”. When do you socialize?
I socialize all the time! I have dance every day so I have plenty of friends there. I also get together with other homeschooled friends. Hangouts on weekends or basketball games, youth nights, etc.


Same here! ALL the time! What subject is the easiest for you and why?
The easiest subject for me is English. I think the reason why I am so good at it is because it bug me wen peoples don’t use grammar good. *Laughs*


Hahahaha! YES! English is my thing for sure! What subject is the hardest for you?
The subject I find hardest is college algebra. I’ve always been good at math, but my teacher is not the best.


Ugh. Math confuses me. (Or is the word torture more appropriate?). Do you take breaks during a school day?
Yes, after my classes in the morning, I will take a small break before starting my homework.


How do you think homeschooling has benefitted you?
Homeschooling has benefitted me by allowing me to do more activities. I am able to get my work done quickly so I can focus on dance.


Dance. Oh, Erin. *Laughs* If you had the choice to be homeschooled or go to public school, what would you choose?
I would definitely choose homeschooling! I love every second of it, and I am so blessed to be able to homeschool.


Absolutely! I feel so blessed as well to be able to homeschool. I feel like it has helped me a lot in my life, not only in my education. Thank you, Erin, for doing this interview! 

Check out next week’s blog and get the inside scoop on the way Mikey Salinas homeschools!

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