Various Ways to Homeschool: Blog Two – Hannah Gonzalez

Today’s blog is going off the last one. I interviewed one of my homeschooled friends, Hannah. The purpose of this interview is to compare it to future interviews I’ll be posting each week, one from a different homeschooled friend on their experiences with homeschooling. My goal with this blog series is to give you more insight into how truly different homeschooling is and how there isn’t just one way to do it.

Without further ado, here is my interview with Hannah!

Kaitlyn: Tell me about yourself.
Hannah: My name is Hannah Elizabeth Gonzalez. I’m 16 years old and in my Junior year in highschool. I aspire to become a labor and delivery nurse by the time I reach 22. I want to go to Africa after I graduate highschool and spend 4 months there on a mission trip. I’m currently involved in basketball and a part of the yearbook staff for our homeschool group. I just started my first class in college, in the dual enrollment program. My class is Lifespan Growth and Development. I’m homeschooled.

Kaitlyn: Tell me about your daily schedule.
Hannah: Well, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I wake up around 7:30. I leave for school at 8:40. I go to my Lifespan Growth and Development class at TSTC. That ends at about ten. My friend Erin takes me there. She drops me off at my house around 10:10. I start math. After math, I might do sign language and chemistry. They’re all kind of mixed up but I try to do math first. I sometimes rewrite my notes on my Lifespan Growth and Development class. I usually do English last, although it depends on what I have to do. I sometimes go walking with my friend Heather — who was homeschooled but is now graduated — and we get snow cones. I do my Bible studies at night before I go to bed. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I wake up at 7:30 and get ready for the day. I do my Bible studies in the mornings on those days, then go to my HHA (Harlingen Homeschool Academy) classes. I take English for HHA. There are ten other homeschool students in the class with me. It starts around 10:00 and lasts about an hour. We’re studying grammar, the ACT test and stupid semi-colons.

Kaitlyn: Do you take any classes outside of home? (TSTC, HHA, etc.)
Hannah: Yes, I take two classes outside of home. I take a college dual enrollment class at TSTC and I take an English class at HHA.

Kaitlyn: How flexible is your schedule?
Hannah: My TSTC class and HHA classes are not flexible because they start at certain times, but my subjects I do at home are very flexible.

Kaitlyn: When are you able to socialize?
Hannah: Facebook! *Laughs* Several times. Every day of the week I’m able to see at least one or more of my friends either through college or HHA or something like going to the movies. Homeschoolers have more friends than most people might believe. Since we are home a lot, we are able to get together at random times during the day and do fun stuff such as shopping, movies, lunch, bowling, skating, eating snow cones and occasionally studying together.

Kaitlyn: What subject is the easiest for you and why?
Hannah: Sign language is my favorite subject this year because it is a beautiful language that many people don’t know. I’m currently learning sign language on, but I also enjoy looking up YouTube videos to learn new songs.

Kaitlyn: What subject is the hardest for you and why?
Hannah: My hardest subject is probably Chemistry because it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It should be outlawed in the United States. *Kidding* But it shouldn’t be a highschool class. *Serious*

Kaitlyn: Do you take breaks during a school day? Give me an example.
Hannah: If I don’t have anything planned for that day, I might take a break here and there. I might get on Facebook or eat lunch. On my busy days when I know I have a lot going on, I might tend to bunker down and get all my subjects done.

Kaitlyn: What curriculum(s) do you use? Do you like it/them? Why or why not?
Hannah: I don’t use the same curriculum for any of my subjects. I do Teaching Textbooks for math. Sign language is online.  I’ve used Saxon and Abeka in the past. I like the Teaching Textbooks because they are easier for me to understand. I use Great Courses for chemistry and history. I like my curriculum — as much as you can like school, at least.

Kaitlyn: How do you think homeschooling has benefitted you?
Hannah: It’s benefitted me because it has given me time to work on the subjects that are harder and to breeze through the subjects that take me only 20-30 minutes. I believe that in an actual highschool, time is wasted just getting from one class to another. Homeschooling can be done at your own pace.

Kaitlyn: If you had the choice to be homeschooled or go to public school, what would you choose?
Hannah: I would choose to homeschool because it fits where I want to go in my career. If I was just in public school, I wouldn’t be able to get ahead in college in the ways that I want to. It allows me to pursue the classes that I want when I want.

Extra comments from Hannah: I think homeschoolers are more socialized than most people because they spend a lot of their free time at home on Facebook. *Laughs*

Hannah didn’t mention it, but she has a thing for Facebook.

Check out next week’s blog where Kc Hughes talks about her experience with homeschooling.

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