Last week, we talked about how to plan for college. This week, I thought it was only fitting that we go more in-depth on how to get a scholarship because I know I need to know more about it!

Applying for scholarships should happen between junior and senior of high school. Here are some of the most helpful information I’ve found so far.

Scholarships aren’t just for school.
As I learned last week, there are many different types of scholarships. Not just schools have them. If you’re part of Rotary International, you can look there. Churches may have them. I know that different organizations (even a German club I know about in Ohio!) have them. Colleges, heritage and professional organizations, corporations, community businesses, churches, and civic groups offer scholarships. Just look online to see what you qualify for! There are many ways to check: is a good place. Also, can help as well.

Don’t give up!
Over your high school life, your GPA will improve and decrease. It’s natural. So, if you don’t get a scholarship because of it, just apply to another one when you raise your GPA! Make sure to see if you can re-apply to a scholarship if you don’t get it the first time. It’s all a matter of how much you want it and how much work you’re willing to do for it. So be persistent and don’t give up!

Look for ones that apply to your interests!
If you want to be a writer but apply to a Biochem scholarship, it’s not going to be as easy as a Creative Essay scholarship. See where I’m going with this? Make sure you like what the scholarship is about and that you’re interested in what the organization/college does. It’ll make it a lot better for you to apply and make it a lot more special if you get it!

The more the merrier!
As I found out from someone’s personal experience with a student counselor, for every ten applications you send in, you may only get one or two back positive. So apply for as much as you’re able to but make sure not to do anything half-way either. No one wants a sloppy essay on their application!

Know what you want to be.
It might not seem like it, but knowing what you want to be before you go off to college can really help with scholarships! The college you want to go to might be having a freshman scholarship for your major!

So, the moral of this story is don’t giver up because everyone has these problems and to make sure you know your plan for what you want to be so that you can get more scholarships. Pretty simple, right?


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