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Free Highschool Templates and Downloads

Homeschooling in high school can be sometimes, by turns, overwhelming, frustrating, exciting, exhilarating, daunting, and yes, EXPENSIVE. LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com aims to help take as much of the cost and confusion of the process as possible. One of the key ways we try to help “bear the load” of students and parents is by offering free templates and downloads for many of the planning tools and resources that you most need.

Below, you will find descriptions and links to each of these documents. If you find a specific template helpful, we hope you will share it on your favorite social networks so that we can spread the word about what we have to offer here at LetsHSHS.com!

Daily Schedule and Planner

Daily Schedule and Planner

Print this easy to use daily schedule sheet. Perfect for making a lesson plan or using it for your student’s class schedule. Just click and print your daily schedule and homeschool planner headache free.




Homeschool High School Grade Record Spreadsheet (Grade Book)

LHSHS grade record thumbnail


Click the image to download a copy of the Homeschool High School Grade Record Spreadsheet. This version automatically averages your grades for you simplifying the process of keeping records … Read More


Homeschool High School Transcript


Click the below image to download a copy of the Transcript Template in Microsoft Word format (if you don’t have Microsoft Word, you may also…Read More


Homeschool Diploma Templates


The following templates can either be printed out via pdf or can be filled out using Adobe Reader…Read More


Homeschool High School and Beyond: A Guide for Homeschooling Teens


This eBook for teens can be read online or downloaded and printed for offline completion…Read More



Homeschool Graduation Planner


We’ve created a free downloadable Homeschool Graduation Checklist that we know will go a long way toward …Read More



Career Explorations Unit Study for Teens


LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com presents Career Explorations, a four-week unit study specifically for homeschoolers. This unit study …Read More


Homeschool Credit Planners for College Admissions


The following templates can either be printed out via pdf or can be filled out using Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software…Read More



Calculating a Homeschooler’s G.P.A.


Please feel free to download this free pdf guide and worksheet which will help you in calculating your homeschool student’s…Read More


High School Subject Credit Log


You can feel free to print the attached form, or to use it as inspiration…Read More



Homeschool High School Report Card


The following templates can either be printed out via pdf or can be filled out using Adobe Reader…Read More


Community Service Log


The following downloadable template is perfect for recording all community service activities throughout the…Read More


College Application Letter Template


We hope these tips and letter template will help you write a college application letter that will make the admissions officers…Read More