Is NaNoWriMo Over Already??

National Novel Writing Month is officially over, and it seemed to go really fast.  How did all of you do?  Did you have fun?  I hope you guys didn’t stress yourselves out over making your daily word count!  That seems takes the joy out of writing.  Or, maybe it makes it more exciting for some.  Either way, I hope you had fun and created some pretty memorable characters and plots!

As you know, I did not participate in NaNoWriMo.  However, considering I was already writing my second novel, I didn’t stop writing either!  I continued writing as I have been – well, actually I had three weeks there in which I was unable to write as much as usual (or at all), so I guess November has been one of my less-productive months.

However, I did some calculations and realized that even with grandparents visiting, extra work, and prolonged illness, I wrote 45,700 words in November!

Maybe fifteen more pages and I would have made the 50,000 word goal for November.  I’m guessing in an average month, without visitations and illnesses, I probably get in about 60,000 or more a month – which is something I never thought about before.  I guess the Nano thing does have some more perks after all, haha.

So I thought, since I’m telling you how many words I wrote this month, I might as well give you an update on my oh-so-exciting second book.  Currently, it is 651 pages long; 163,711 words.  Yikes, right?  Well, I’m almost finished, and when I go back to edit, I hope to cut out a lot of unnecessary scenes.  Either that, or I’ll split it into two books.  Or…maybe I’ll just leave it as one long book because big books are always fun, right?  Well, I guess they’re fun for bookworms, but for the rest of the world, I’ve come to the realization that big books are just plain daunting.  So yes, unless I can edit it down to about 550 pages, I’ll probably split it.  *Sniff, sniff.*

If you didn’t happen to catch a couple of words in there…I’m almost finished, people!  Isn’t that exciting??  I am SO excited for this book.  I also love that in writing long books, I tend to forget all the little details I have written earlier, so when I go back and edit, it’s like I’m reading it for the first time.  How cool is that?  I’m still aiming to have it published by June of 2014…but that might just be serious wishing instead of a reasonable goal.  We’ll see, though.

Here’s what my schedule looks like once I finish the first draft:

  • Edit over it myself.
  • Once satisfied with MY rough-draft editing, I will forward it on to my four or five proofreaders for their consideration.
  • While they are going over it, I will go over it again – this time reading it OUT LOUD.  Reading my own work out loud really makes a huge difference.  It’s kind of crazy how much more I catch that way.
  • When I receive their edits back, I will take the time to make all those changes.
  • And, you guessed it, read over it again.
  • Then, I will forward it onto my actual editor.
  • Once I get my edited manuscript back from her, I have to incorporate all those edits into my copy of the manuscript.
  • I suppose I’ll read over it once more, let it sit, consider it, try to think of anything else I need change to improve it, then….
  • Send it to the woman who will format it for publishing….
  • (While she is formatting, I will create the Book Trailer, reveal the cover, and create flyers and announcements…pretty much everything for marketing)
  • PUBLISH it!

Wow, isn’t that a lot??  Still, it’s a pretty fun/tiring process, and I look forward to it!  I hope you guys are excited, because I sure am!

Oh, that find and replace option is a life saver! Especially if I can’t think of the name of a character, or a title, so I use a filler…and then have to go back and change it throughout my entire book.


Tialla Rising is a homeschool graduate and a published author. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her amazing husband, where she enjoys reading, Netflix, writing, and more! Visit her website at

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